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Arts and Activities

Holiday Band


All students are invited to take part in the Fine Arts program (Drama, Declam). A fine arts participation fee of $40.00 will be charged to students in Drama or Declam. The fee will be collected after students have been cast for the play and during the first week of the Declam season. Any student who is cast for a performance role in the play will be required to pay the fee.

Those students involved in a school service role like lighting and technical crew will not be required to pay the fee. A signed parent permission slip must also be submitted at the time the student pays his/her fee.


Rosemount Middle School's Band program has a wealth of information and resources for students and families available online. Please visit the Band page.


All 7th and 8th grade boys and girls are invited to take part in athletics. Sixth grade students are not eligible for interscholastic sports, however, they can participate in all club, fine arts, and intramural activities.

Non-Athletic Activities & Clubs

  • Downhill Ski Club
  • Declam (Speech)
  • Destination Imagination
  • Math Counts
  • Spring Play/Musical
  • Student Council
  • Future Cities
  • Intramurals