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October 19th - 30th

Give Your Way Support the Irish Way

Give Your Way Support the Irish Way




Join the Give Your Way: Support the Irish Way campaign and help support needs around RMS, like technology, classroom supplies and gym equipment. (See details on the back!)

Because parent volunteers are helping manage our fundraiser, every dollar raised stays within RMS, making your gifts go further toward fulfilling these requests.

Please help support RMS and invite others to join you by sharing our fundraiser with family and friends. Many employers also offer a corporate match.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!


Educational tech & tools

IXL 6th Grade Language Arts Student Subscription: This would give students access to the IXL Language Arts Curriculum (with RMS teacher instruction) to implement the MN English standards in the classroom with support of IXL from home. IXL can be used for reinforcement, remedial support, student self-monitoring and more. Teachers can use IXL to view relevant student data and lesson progression, and can then adapt lesson plans in the classroom to support the needs of each student. One of the pros with IXL, over other apps, is the ability for students to learn from their mistakes. IXL explains why an answer is incorrect. The math department at RMS has noticed the benefits from IXL, and the English teachers would love to share the benefits of IXL for all students.

Mackin Via e-book subscriptions: There is a strong need for increased access to e-books and audio books. Mackin Via is the best tool for this, but RMS doesn’t have enough electronic copies/subscriptions. Our media specialist is helpful in collaborating and pairing texts for all our students and this subscription would support the needs of all distance learners. In addition, the audio book feature supports the modifications some students need to be able to access the material. The subscriptions would serve all students engaging in distance learning.

Scholastic Scope subscription: This is a great resource for including non-fiction texts and it is helpful especially when doing distance learning. Students can work on paired texts, current event topics and debate options

Gym equipment

Tennis racquets: The PE department needs to update its set of tennis racquets which are in poor condition due to general wear and tear over the years. Students would use these in PE class and the racquets could be used in activities that help promote the Tennis programs in Rosemount.



Classroom supplies & books

Classroom books: Teachers would like to be able to offer a variety of current and popular titles that resonate with students at certain reading levels, helping to promote literacy and keep students engaged in reading.

Science pets & supplies: RMS has pets like geckos and snakes. Students learn a lot from caring for and studying these animals, and, like real pets, feeding and maintaining the animals is an ongoing expense. You can help cover the cost of food, heating light bulbs, bedding and other supplies.

Euphoniums for band: Under Covid-19, instrument sharing is prohibited. However, RMS does not have enough euphoniums for each student to have their own individually assigned instrument to use at school. In addition, some of the euphoniums from RMS that students use are 70 to 100 years old! The Band department would like to purchase at least one baritone to mitigate the need.

General support

Fidget rings: The RMS counselors believe that giving something tangible like a fidget ring to a student is powerful while helping to engage the emotions. However, with COVID, fidgets aren’t available to as many students for health and safety reasons. Being able to purchase additional fidgets will help students process through emotions, use the fidget to stay in class and use it at home as a reminder of conversations with us and potential coping skills to use!


Sunshine Committee: This committee is requesting some funds so they can do staff engagement activities to recognize their dedication and efforts, especially during designated weeks like “American Education Week” and “Education Support Professionals Week.”

Miscellaneous: As additional needs arise around RMS, they will receive assistance at the discretion of school administration and staff.